Saturday, September 17, 2016

Romantic Getaway

We are escaping to Wisconsin. Yes, we have killed all the buffalo here in Illinois. Our meat supply is running low so we are moving on. Just kidding. I am in an Urban Studies class in which we have been talking about the concepts of hunting, gathering and subsistence farming. Anyway…we are going to Milwaukee in order to rest. I asked Sheldon the other day if he could recall the last full day we have had in which neither of us have had work. The answer? Our honeymoon

We have not had a full day in which neither of us was working or attending classes for two months. Going To Classes and Work At The Smoothie Bar are two of my main jobs, but my third one is called Getting Enough Sleep So That I Do Not Murder Sheldon. I am one of the unfortunate people who does best with nine hours of sleep. That means that once I am done with homework I have to go immediately to bed. Fun, right?

Sheldon and I have time to be together without the pull of homework or an early bedtime for a couple hours on weekend mornings and dinnertime during the week. 

This picture may sound bleak. It isn’t that bad and I know there are couples who have it much worse. But it puts strain on us. One result is that I get territorial about our time together and bite the hands or knees of people who want to hang out with Sheldon without me. Haha! Another funny joke!

I requested off of work several weeks ago because I had a feeling we would need the break right around now. I was right. Last week I said, “Sheldon, I think we should use this weekend to get out of town. I think our bodies and spirits are exhausted and we need to spend some time resting and recovering together.” 

We found this lovely bed and breakfast a little outside the centre of Milwaukee, emailed for a reservation and drove out as soon as my classes finished on Friday. We decided to dedicate some of our wedding gifts to finance this trip. Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa! 

Our goal for this weekend is to spend half of Saturday catching up on homework (me) and reading (Sheldon). We will go out to eat somewhere nice in the evening. Other items on the agenda 1. Watch at least one movie (we brought along this one and this one) 2. Read a non-school book (I brought this one, Sheldon brought this one), draw and NOT WORK. 

I hope you also get a chance to rest this weekend! 

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