Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Smoothie Diaries: Drop Everything

I didn't look the lady in the eye when I handed her the reciept for her smoothie and said, "I am very sorry. I dropped your recipt on the floor. Do you still want it?" She gave me a look. Not "The Glare". But definitely a look. When I worked yesterday I dropped everything.

I don't know why clumsy days happen to me. I guess some of me thinks it has to do with My Cycle (if you didn't catch the meaning, I am talking about (whisper!) menstruation...). Anyway. My theory is that I get clumsy during My Period.

I dropped fruit on the floor and when I didn't have time to pick it up, switch disposable gloves and wash my hands, I just let it lie there and stepped on it. Fruit is not fun to step on. It is gushy. Gross.

I dropped my sheaf of papers for an article I had to read for school. I was trying to read it in between customers. Shhh! Don't tell...

I dropped cups. Those make a fun noise when you drop them.

I dropped the pen I use to mark the cups with people's names and orders. Quick! Pick it up. No one is looking? Give a quick rinse and keep writing!

The worst is dropping something metal -- like the ice scoop. Yep. I dropped that too. Everyone in the vicinity swivels around to see what caused the CLANG! The key is to duck under the counter to pick it up so all they see is an empty smoothie bar. They go away thinking it is haunted by unruly ghosts.

I also spilled beet juice all over the place. That is always fun, because beet juice looks like blood. So the smoothie bar ended up looking like the scene of some horrible animal sacrifice ritual.

My gloved hands covered in were covered in the bloody juice. When my cooworker arrived I held them limply before my face and moaned, "Out damned spot! Out I say..." Did not bring down the house as intended. Oh well.

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  1. Very clever Macbeth reference; I approve. :) Such perfect opportunities are few and far between.