Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

This is my first birthday in eight years without Facebook. Birthdays are one of the best aspects of Facebook. Everyone knows about your birthday without your having to tell them. People you don’t even expect wish you Happy Birthday throughout the day. I remember my first year of high school I wasn’t really friends with anyone yet, so all day on my birthday no one gave me birthday wishes...

All day I went around wishing someone would realise it. Finally during the last class of the day I turned toward one girl and whispered, “It is my birthday.” She was super sweet about it and wished me a Happy Birthday, but it still isn’t the same if you have to tell someone. 

So how has my first non-Facebook birthday been so far? Great. I got a package from my in-laws. Sheldon baked me a cake. It is frosted with pink cream cheese frosting and topped with roses. Around the edge are slices of marzipan and in a few minutes some friends will arrive for a birthday dinner. Sheldon is making enchiladas as I write this. 

My daddy sent me a balloon at work by calling one of the managers and asking her to pick one out.  It was waiting for me when I started my shift. It was such a sweet way to wish me a Happy Birthday from afar. 

Thanks to all for the lovely birthday wishes!

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