Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why I Fell In Love With My Husband

“No greater love than he who gives the last bite of his donut to his wife.” These are the words Jesus spoke in his famous Sermon on the Pastry. Just kidding. Jesus probably had no idea that donuts were going to be a thing. But this is one of the biggest ways that Sheldon shows me his selfless love. Perhaps you already knew that I am a dedicated donut devotee. These are some important donut related events in the history of Sheldon and Lucy Rose. 

I started attending the same church as Sheldon early on in our dating and I have often joked that I keep coming just for the donuts that are served during the 9:30 AM Bible Study (not true of course).

Sheldon once bought me a donut after I failed my driver’s test. 

We hadn’t been able to see one another all day, but finally had an hour to spend together late in the evening. We went to a park in the dark and Sheldon bought me a donut. 

Once Sheldon ate a huge chocolate donut in front of me during one of my donut fasts. It was because the library was giving away free ones at the end of the night. He had to eat it quickly so I would not reach over and commandeer it. 

We ordered hundreds of donuts for out wedding. When the actual event came along, we only got one bite apiece! Oh, well. I hope everyone else enjoyed them!

On our honey moon we drove two hours and finally hit a Dunkin Donuts. I was feeling carsick after having driven over the winding Wisconsin roads. But I determinedly ate a white-frosted long john  anyway. 

We comforted ourselves on the way home from the funeral of our dear friend by silently consuming two donuts and a glass of milk. Sheldon chose the better donut, but let me take frequent bites of his. 

We spent the morning doing lawn work together today for an older lady I do odd jobs for. We toiled for two hours in our matching family reunion shirts. At the end tired and hungry we drove home and picked up two donuts on the way. We just finished eating them propped up on pillows in our sunny bed and drinking coffee from the pot we bought on our honeymoon. As always, Sheldon offered me the last bite of his donut — a gesture which never fails to remind me of Sheldon’s infinite love for me. The Sheldon’s small gestures of thoughtfulness won my heart in the first place. When he offers the last bite of his donut it shows that a) he knows me very well, he knows how important donuts are to me and b) it shows that he is willing to give up his own pleasure to make me happy. 

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