Saturday, January 31, 2015

Doughnuts and Fleshy Things

Hello Friends,

Sorry for bailing on you yesterday. I have been trying to be consistent, but yesterday I got busy with my Improv show and partying afterwards. By partying I mean three of the Wimprov (Women of Wheaton Improv) girls and I drove to Wendy's and then watched Parks and Recreation. At around 11 PM I was falling asleep so I went home. I love to party. 

I started this post yesterday, but finished it today. I read this verse yesterday morning and it reminded me of the things that I have been wrestling with in my relationship with God lately. I drew a doughnut because doughnuts represent my person struggle against my flesh. I LOVE doughnuts. I would do horrible things for a frosted doughnut and coffee. Lately I have been becoming aware of my fleshly desires and how they get in the way of my praying and being with God. I want to be more disciplined in my food choices, sleep habits and work ethic, because I think that they play a role in my receptivity to God and the things that he may be trying to say to me. 

Alright. I am going to go do stuff now. Have a great Saturday! I won't post tomorrow, but I will be back on Monday!

Lucy Rose 

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