Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Ugly" People and My Outfit

Dear Friends,

I give to you a graphic representation of the outfit I wore today. I have had so many people write to tell me that they wish I would talk more about my fashion choices. So, I thought I would comply. Just kidding. Actually no one asked for this. I just felt like telling you about my outfit because I was especially cute today. And you know you have to cash in on the days when you feel cute because on other days you may feel gross.

Some days I feel like the before version of Toula from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That is the only film that actually gets the whole "makeover" premise right. So many chick flicks revolve around the premise of a girl, who is kind of plain looking, who undergoes a transformation and becomes stunning. But usually on TV the girl looked great to begin with she just, I don't know...WORE GLASSES! So discriminatory.

Think back. Do ANY of these lovely ladies really look bad to begin with? Really? 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Before 


A Cinderella Story: Before and After 

Princess Diaries: Before and After 

Miss Congeniality: Before
 Sandra, you look terrible. NOT!

After: This is way better. 

The Devil Wears Prada: Before and After 

No. They look fine. Hollywood has no idea how to do ugly. I know how to do ugly.
Check out the time I turned into a man:

Yes. That is me. I was feeling baggy, slouchy and kinda down that day because Sheldon had just left to be in Italy for 5 months. So I drew on a moustache and pretended to be a man.

This is what I really look like:

Photo from:

Have a great day.

Lucy Rose

(Photos from The Devil Wears PradaA Cinderella StoryPrincess Diaries, Miss Congeniality and My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

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