Saturday, April 9, 2016

Weekends Wedding Update #4

Donuts are my deep fried love. Perhaps you didn't know this about me because to all appearances I am a healthy eater. But if I am in a room with a donut I cannot stay away for more than a few moments. It is like one of those destructive relationships of the movies when the girl is attracted to the bad boy, even though she and all the people watching the movie know it is doomed. Think of Bender from The Breakfast Club or even better the guy in Ferris Bueller's Day Off whom Ferris's sister starts randomly kissing at the police station. It is a magnetic attraction. You start making out with a guy in a leather jacket who's been nabbed for drugs and you can't help yourself. That's me and donuts. 

But just to be clear: I am not making out with the donuts. I eat them. Hmm...perhaps this was not the most helpful analogy. Sheldon might be unappreciative of my comparing my love for donuts to a gangster lover.

The point is: I like donuts. OK?!

Why am I telling you this? Well, the major progress that has been made on Project Wedding this week is that we have decided we want to serve donuts at the reception. I picture a teetering tower of delicious frosted, glazed and creme filled donuts. Everyone can eat as many as their conscience allows. It will be bliss.

I am even thinking that donuts could be integrated into the ceremony itself. The ring of dough and powdered sugar could represent the eternity of the wedding vows. Before we are pronounced man and wife the paster bids us eat the ceremonial Eternity Donut in the presence of the gathered witnesses. This could be good...I will talk to the pastor about this.

In other news: We have a cake! Well, we have a cake-maker. My friend Joanna loves to cook and she has agreed to make us one! Because the primary desert will be donuts, we will have a small, modest cake. I am hoping for flowers to decorate the top. Nothing too crazy.

It feels good to have got these details sorted. It isn't much, but any little bit helps!


  1. I had NO IDEA you're a fellow donut lover! :) I wish I was going to be at your wedding to taste one (some...a few...more????!!)