Thursday, April 7, 2016

Three Things: Simple, Healthy Snack Recipes

I go through food spurts, when I eat the same things over and over again. I can't get enough of say, prunes, and then one morning I wake up and have had enough of them. Then I move on to a new food obsession. So these are mine for right now. They are pretty healthy which means that I don't feel like a pig after eating them. So what follows can be taken in the light of mini-recipes for healthy snacks. Enjoy! 

1. Cucumber Cottage Cheese Bites
Cut up half a peeled cucumber into round slices. Mix up half a cup or so of cottage cheese with a few squeezes of lemon. Season it with liberal salt and pepper and mix again. Spread the cottage cheese onto a cucumber slice like a tiny, round open-faced sandwich. Or think of it as a fancy appetiser. Drink with a flute of champagne. Just kidding. 

2. Twigs with Nuts
This recipe is so simple it doesn't even merit the word recipe. Just mix your favourite twig-shaped, fibertastic cereal with bits of chopped pecans. Add whole milk. Done. 

3. Apples and Yogurt Dip
Cut up an apple in your favourite cut-apple shape, whether this be round with the core missing or wedges or something entirely different and creative. Whatever. Moving on. Now mix a few tablespoons of vanilla (or whatever flavour you would like) Greek yogurt with a few tablespoons of roasted flax seeds. I like mine nice and grainy. You may prefer a smoother texture, with less flax seeds. Dip apples into dip. Eat them. 

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  1. This brings back memories of those American Girl snack ideas that were always in the magazines! Those were the coolest. These are great too.