Saturday, November 17, 2012

SATs in Prague

SATs. That was the last thing I posted about here on my blog. Well, I got the results.

I got 520 points on the Math section! That means I reached my goal of passing 500 and increased my previous score by exactly 100 points. I am so thankful that all the work I put in and my tutor Mrs. Gemrotova put in was worth it and showed real results. Thank you, Lord for helping me through that!

I have already sent out one application to Wheaton College in Illinois and later I will send some to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College in Chicago. But I have very little anxiety. I trust that my scores on the SAT will help me get to the school God wants me to be at.

So I made a few cartoons which describe the experience of taking the SATs in Prague. My dad drove me there on Friday evening with my little brother Isaac. We all stayed in a hostel room. On Saturday morning Dad drove me to take the test at the Prague International School and he and Isaac went to the zoo.

I like taking tests for some odd reason, so this was primarily fun for me. The hard part is just endurance. After three hours I find it hard not to do silly squirmy dances in my seat. It is kind of like a distance run for the mind. Also it is a trick to get in line for the bathroom so as to make it back within the 5 minute time allotted for toilet use.

All went well though.

Thank you, Lord and thank anyone who prayed for me.