Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art Course

Hello Faithful Blog Readers!
A few interesting things have happened since I wrote last. For one I am now officialy 16 years old. I celebrated last Thursday by having a family dinner of tomato soup and opening presents. Then I had a lovely ladies' lunch with my mom, my good friend Claire and her mother.
The other cool thing that happened is the open house at the school that I want to go to. I want to go to an art high school called Stredni Umelecka Skola. We saw the building and asked lots of probing questions. The building itself was a beautiful and bright. My dad and I traveled from room to room admiring art work done by the students there. We got a list of the classes there and signed up for a special admissions preparation course.
Afterwards we went to a cafe and I as a special treat I had my first ever snails. They were really good even though they looked exactly like the ones we see in the garden. onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Today I weent to the first course which is supposed to prepare kids to take the talent exams in January. We started off by being separated into three groups. We were given paints and paper and told to paint the still life set up in the middle of the classroom. The teacher circled around giving advice (she told me that my cylinder looked hairy) and then she disapeared for the rest of the time, which I thought strange. After that we switched to a downstairs room for ceramics. The teacher told us to make a figure in an position that is intriguing from every side. She explained some basic proportions and we set to work. After about three tries (my man's head kept rolling off) I molded my man into a kneeling postion with his arms supporting him. The other kids in the class had some really cool ones. One was a skateboarder balancing on his head and one was a cat person with a cat child. Then I wandered around Ostrava for a bit with some friends and returned by train to Frydlant. I'm looking forward to next Saturday already!
Thanks for reading!