Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Milwaukee Art Museum Tour

Sunset Landscape (Coucher de soleil à Barbizon) Thomas Rousseau

When Sheldon and I came out of the Milwaukee Art Museum into the normal world again we felt saturated. After having spent three hours combing through gallery after gallery of images it was like my eyes had been reprogrammed to see every little thing as a piece of art.

It was kind of similar to that weird feeling after coming out of the movie theatre and feeling like you are still a part of the world of the film. I kept saying things like, “Oh! The texture of that tree trunk!”; “Look at those two people. Aren’t they perfectly composed?” and “Mmmm. See the play of light on that sidewalk crack?” 

I have previously written about visiting museums (see this post and this post). Lately my museum-going practice has been to document pieces that captivate me by making a very quick sketch of it. After the visit I go back and clean up the sketches and often add colour. This practice helps me to stay focused during a museum visit. It helps me be more of an active participant in the art and less a passive inhaler of art. 

What follows are the results of my practice this past Sunday. I hope that in this way you can enjoy a taste of what we got to see on that beautiful visit. 

The museum was the last thing we did before getting back in our little truck and returning home from our tiny vacation. We were so grateful we got to go and enjoy one another, some art and a new city. 

St. Dorothy, Antiveduto Gramatica

#88, Sol DeWitt

St. Francis of Assisi in His Tomb, Fransisco de Zurbaran

Christ Before the High Priest, Matthias Stom

Clement Laurier, Gustav Courbet

Felt Suit, Joseph Beuys

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