Saturday, September 10, 2016

Life With No Internet

Did you know that Sheldon and I don't have internet? At the beginning of our marriage we decided to see how long we could survive without it. Our main thought behind the decision was to save money, but I also wanted to cut down on the time I spend on the internet. It can be tricky to manage, but I really like having no internet. Here are some reasons why...

More focus, less random frittering about on the webs
I didn't do a ton of this before, but now I have virtually no time to spend wandering around the internet, following wikipedia rabbit trails or getting lost in virtual shopping (in which I almost never buy anything, but somehow still spend scads of time doing). When I do have internet I have to use the time effectively. I have a list of goals in my head like checking email, posting on my blog or looking something up for school. I am more focused, something I tend to struggle with when it comes to schoolwork.

Being on the internet is more fun
Value is a function of scarcity. So saith my Media Studies professor, Dr. Schuchardt. It therefore follows that being on the internet and indulging in the odd random jaunt through cool blogs and fun sites is a special treat. Before it was kind of ubiquitous.

Time at home is maximised
One of the things that convinced us to stay internet-less was a friend who told us that without it "When I get home I am really at home. Part of me is not still at work, because I am doing emails or browsing the web feeling guilty for not doing emails." Sheldon and I wanted this for our first year married. We love that when we walk through the door after work or school we can just fully focus on each other.

I read more
Not having the option of watching YouTube videos means that reading is easier. I don't constantly check things on my computer anymore while doing it. We have recently filled our new bookshelves with our book collection, and I feel like no internet has reinvigorated my thirst to read, which has been sadly waning over the past few years.

I do all my internet work on campus during the morning and afternoon. I try to finish with the internet by the time I come home at night. I am writing this post from the Coin Laundry on our street. This place fulfils two needs: washer and internet. We are sitting side by side with our computers on our laps.

If you are interested in reading more about life without internet I recommend this blog post. This author does a good job of advocating the no internet lifestyle.

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  1. I love that you guys are doing this. I fully support your decision! No internet is the new no tv. ;)