Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekly Record Cartoon: The Pit, Funny Videos

Hey Guys,

This is my cartoon for this week's paper. My last one (which you can find here) was rejected for a yet undisclosed reason. Maybe it was too dark. Too weird? Sarcastic? Insensitive? This would not be the first time my cartoons have been rejected on the grounds of insensitivity. 

I hope that this cartoon doesn't ruin your day. I also hope that my relationship with the school paper can be restored. 

Good night, Dear Readers. 

Lucy Rose

In case you are like me and had a bit of a down day here are some funny videos to help you feel a little better. 

1. This one is my absolute favourites: Peter Sellers pretending to be Laurence Olivier's Richard the Third. 

2. This one by Jenna Marbles is just bizarre, but I love it.

3. This one is also strange. So, so strange. But also beautiful. Thanks to Myra for introducing it to me.

Hope this was cheering unlike my cartoon.

1 comment:

  1. Peter Sellers was a comic genius. Dee, purveyor of the rainbow sponge, not so much. Although I will confess I only gave her three minutes of my time. Was there a surprise hidden in, say, minute number twenty seven? What ARE this? - the Dad