Friday, March 27, 2015

Elvis is Not Dead

"Where has Lucy Rose gone?!"

"Why has the stunning young internet sensation disappeared?!"

"Has she faked her death in and Elvis-like attempt to evade the pressures of stardom?"

These are the kinds of comments that have been appearing on the memorial Facebook page that my fans created in my honour after the rumours about my death were confirmed in the form of the discovery of a tattered sequin jumpsuit known to be the preferred uniform worn by the famous blogger.

Here is a reconstituted version:

If you are reading this please do not reveal to the public that I am actually alive. 

Sorry about that. Now I will be serious for a moment. I have been pretty stressed about school since having come back from Spring Break. That is my lame excuse. 

I have missed you much just as much as you have missed me. More, probably. 

I will be stopping in this week pretty consistently. I will be having an extremely light work load next week as I will not have to go to teacher's aiding, babysitting or one of my classes! The school has allowed me to skip out of these activities in order to maintain the story about my death. Just kidding. They all have Spring Break.

Well, I've gotta hit the hay. 

Goodnight, My Lovely Readers.

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