Monday, March 9, 2015

More Travel Advice

Dearest Folks,

I am in Texas right now visiting my grandparents. I am having a lovely time eating, reading, sleeping and eating.

I travelled here by plane and I thought that I would share some more of my travel advice with you poor inexperienced slobs. Ha! Just kidding! You aren't slobs.

To start with here is what I wore. I take the choice of an airport outfit very seriously. I consider it to be a unique and exciting challenge.

These are the criteria for a killer travel outfit:
1. Classy
Never dress like a slob in the airport. You'll just feel gross.
2. Comfortable
3. Layered
Temperatures in planes and airports are constantly changing.
4. Simple
Belts and metal hardware or shoes that are hard to take on and off.

Here are some more pointers:

This goes along with the "Dress Classy" concept. Traveling means leaving your comfort zone and so it is helpful to feel confident about yourself. 

Often times all seats at the gate that your plane leaves at are full. I often sit at a completely different gate if I have plenty of time. I sit at a nice seat at other people's gate with one eye on my real gate. It's pretty sneaky. People will try to befriend you thinking that you will be their new plane friend. Just act cool and play along. Then sneak off to your real gate when they take a bathroom break. 

There are several things that you really don't need to pack. Things like shampoo and conditioner are things that you can usually find at your destination. If you are going to a hotel they will have those tiny shampoos that one always feels compelled to steal. If you are going to your grandparent's house then you can borrow from your grandmother. You don't need a ton of jewellery, cuz you probably will loose some of it anyway and it will get tangled. You don't actually have to bring all of your pens and pencils. You will be more creative if you only have a few colours anyway. You only need 2 pairs of shoes. Sneakers and a nice pair that goes with everything. You also never need as many pants as you think. Wear them a bajillion times. 

Since you'll be wearing your pants so often bring a ton of fresh undies. Bring your entire sock collection. You will need all of your cords for your computer and MP3 device and phone. Travel breathe sucks. It just adds to the insecurity of getting out of your comfort zone to have the feeling of smelly breath. Never leave home without your swimsuit. I don't care if you are going to the desert. How terrible will you feel if you come to an oasis and everyone else can swim but you?

Have a great night, Friends!



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