Monday, March 9, 2015

My Grandparents

Dear Friends,

I am staying with my grandparents as I told you yesterday. It has been a sweet time. I have rested more than I have done in what feels like months and months.

We are sitting in armchairs in the living room watching this movie. Their dog, Molly, is sleeping next to me.

I have enjoyed observing my grandparents relationship. My grandmother cannot move around very quickly and she uses a walker everywhere. My grandfather is very thoughtful of her and makes sure that she has all the help she needs.

When we sit in restaurants Grandma silently passes her coffee creamers to Grandpa for him to open them for her. The transaction takes place silently because Grandpa knows what she is asking. He pours them into her cup for her too.

Grandpa clips Grandma's toenails for her every few weeks because she can't stretch to reach them herself.


At night I get to sleep under a quilt that Grandma spent 40 years making. She laid it aside for years at a time and only finished it in the past year or so.

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