Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Do a Winter Workout

Dear Humans,

Many of you have been asking how I stay in such good shape. "Lucy Rose, why are you so muscular and well-toned. You are incredibly fit! What do you do?!" Just kidding. No one has asked me.

BUT! Today I worked out with Sheldon in the Sports Centre. We did an intense workout on the indoor track. I led Sheldon in the method that I use in order not go crazy for running around and around a boring track.

Here's how to make your indoor track workout more interesting and more intense. It will work your whole body.

1. Run a few laps around the track. Start slow and speed up gradually. Just get warmed up.
2. Now you will start to incorporate some variations on the basic circuit around the track. Try these variations:

- Run a lap backwards. Watch out for other people!

- Run a lap with your arms completely extended above your head. It looks like surrendering. It looks dumb, but it is great for your shoulder muscles.

- High knees.

- Butt-kicks.

- Side criss-crosses. Run sideways (shoulder facing forward) and opposite leg crossing over the other leg.

- Lunges around the track.

- Do punches in the air as you run. Vary normal jabs with uppercuts and hooks. This also looks dumb.  Deal with it. You are fierce. No one can mess with you.

- Run a few laps with weighted backpacks or loaves. (That's what I called this.)

- Holding a weighted ball up to your chest.

Sheldon and I switched off choosing which variation to do. He is very trim and strong, but he does not work out with the regularity and intensity that I do. That is why he was dripping with sweat and exhausted. It was highly satisfying to make him feel the burn.

I am going to get to sleep now.

I hope this helps to make your Winter workouts less monotonous. And just in case you are brave enough to run outside this may help.

Lucy Rose

I had a great outfit today. I carried my Converse shoes in a canvas bag so that I didn't have to walk in the heels to school. More Teacher Uniforms here and here.


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  3. Punching the air while you run... A Krav Maga warm up thing... I miss you, Krav Maga partner...

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  5. Dear Amber Bassett,

    I am so glad you stopped by my blog and took the time to comment. I would be glad to do some more writing about exercising.

    Thanks for your input!

    Lucy Rose

  6. Dear Carrie Fredericks,

    Thanks for your comment! It was super encouraging.

    Keep up the good studying:)

    Lucy Rose

  7. Dear Krav Maga Partner,

    I miss having you as my partner.