Thursday, February 19, 2015

No Pants. Too Tired. Go to Bed.

Hey Guys.

It is almost 13:00. Oh dear. That is why this post is such a quickie. I do not have anything interesting to say. My only meagre internet offering is a graphic depiction of my outfit today. I enjoyed wearing this and received some compliments. I love how teacher aiding forces me to dress nicer.

In case you are wondering why I have no pants in this picture the simple answer is I was not wearing any. Just Kidding! I get pretty hilarious in the late night. Actually I was wearing pants I just didn't want to draw them. BORING! Who want to see pants?! Not me.

Goodnight fair Interneters.

Lucy Rose

Awesome scarves can be found here.
Similar shoes here. 
Similar sweater here.
Similar pants to the ones I was wearing here.
A really weird and slightly morbid (but kind of awesome) video here.
Cool jacket here.

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