Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Birthday to Paul Hugh, Paddington and Moomintroll

Happy Birthday, Paul Hugh!

My little brother turned 19 yesterday. He is my dear friend and brings me so much joy and laughter. He can also be serious and deep. 

In honour of The Hugh this is one of our (my family's) favourite Paul Hugh anecdotes from a time when he was obsessed with a game of pitting characters against each other and asking who would win. 

Paul Hugh: Dad, who would win in a fight Moomintroll or Paddington Bear?

Dad: Sighs. This is the seven-hundredth time Dad has been asked one of these questions in the last several days. Paul Hugh, I don't think they would even get in a fight. They would probably just sit down together to have tea. 

Paul Hugh: What if one of them had rabies?

I love you Paul Hugh!

Goodnight, My Cherubs. 

Lucy Rose

What do you mean you don't know of the Finnish children's classic Finn Family Moomintroll?! It's like our family's favourite. 

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