Sunday, May 25, 2008

Girl Day!

I have just returned from an unforgetable experience! As some of you may know my grandparents are visiting us in the Czech Republic for the first time, so it was my mom's idea to have a ladies retreat in a luxerious hotel in Poland.
My dad dropped us off and then disappeared to have his own adventure with my grandpa at Auschwitz (I found it kind of ironic that they were at a concentration camp while we soaked in fragrant hot tubs:). Right after we arrived we ate a magnifcent lunch at the buffet, soaked for hours in the various hot tubs and pools at the spa (I was sporting a brand new swimsuit) and then returned to our room thoroughly pink and exfoliated. We then settled down to a dinner we had brought with us, and watched episodes of a BBC show about women in the fashion buissness. What a perfect end to a lovely girl's day!
The next morning we made our way to the hair salon and my grandmother treated us all to hair cuts. Anyway, it was fine, the only weird part about this particular hair cut was the fact that a GUY cut it. An actual member of the opposite sex touched my hair, not to mention my very private scalp! I occupied myself during my haircut by thinking of the way I would defend myself if he made any inappropriate advances on my hair. I decided could probably knock him out pretty easily with a bottle of hairspray, but if that didn't work I could probably use one of the nifty moves I've picked up by watching Kate from Lost. In the end, three generations of beatifully tressed women filed out of the salon, perfectly satisfied with our lovely new haircuts. (the man turned out to be very nice and a skilled haircutterer)
So we wrapped up our time together by lingering over coffee and drinking in lots of family history from Grandma. It was an amazing time and I love both of them so much. I'm grateful to have two strong christian women as role models.Thanks for reading:)

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