Saturday, May 3, 2008

Six year old me

Today we are cleaning out our bookshelves. This is a very long process, seeing as our family owns TONS of books. We hoard them like squirrels preparing for a really long winter (I actually found tooth marks on some of them). They cover practically every wall in our house. Anyway, getting to the point, among the piles of maggoty mott eaten pages, I found a book of stories that I wrote when I was about six or seven. They are about my imaginary character named No-On. At age six I was facsinated by the fact that some words could have a meaning both backwards and forwards, hence the name No-On. So last time I showed you a story I wrote at age fifteen and this week you can read a story from the six year old Lucy.

No-On is a litel grl. She is sortov por, she onlee has a bole of soop abowt a sentemeeter deep for her meals. No-On lives in a smol cottage with one room, she has one toy. She has an ant for a pet, and she takes it for a walk every day, but her ant gets stompt on every day. So, she has to get a noo (new) one.
One morning, when No-On got up and she looked out the window, she saw the same old things as yooshuwwol (usual). But thar was one thing that was diffrint. Thar was a monster.

According to my parents, I was always creating new stories and drawing pictures to illustrate them. I was a strange little kid.
Well, thanks for reading! Bye for now!

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  1. Wow, you were pretty sophisticated for a little six-year old! I for sure didn't have that developed storylines back when i was six. Nice =)