Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Play's the Thing!

Yesterday I had a very interesting experience. I went to a play that a couple of my friends were acting in. The play was called "Sladkohorske Barvoslepost" which means "Bittersweet Colorblindness" in English. I got a ride with my friend Gabi and her boyfriend. And yes, it was a little awkward, but I was just glad I got a ride at all!
The play itself was creepy and twisted, albeit very well written, and the acting was pretty good too. It was about an emotional bookish boy who falls in love with a girl, meanwhile the other characters face problems like dealing with the murder of a daughter and the disapearance of a husband. Slowly it is revealed through dramatic music and strange people in tights (at one point they were missing one girl in tights, Jirka asked me if I wanted to have that part, once I saw the play I was kinda glad I turned him down!) that the girl our hero has fallen in love with is dead. It reminded me a little of the movie Corpse Bride, without the cute songs. Anyway in the end it was revealed that the boy is actually suffering from a serious mental illness. Oh and that she was in fact murdered by her own father who wanted to save her from the suffering of this world. Like I said, very creepy! The guy who wrote it (he also directed it and acted the lead, wow, alot of work...) must have had some serious issues. Hanka (my friend who acted in it) said he wrote at the cemetery.
All in all, I was glad I went. My friend Jirka did a great job and was very convincing. And Hanka was great too, very believable. It was just very interesting experience and I needed to talk about it:) Thanks for reading!

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