Friday, October 7, 2016

Three Things: That Made Me Smile

Three things that made me smile this week...

1. A chipmunk
Yesterday I walked to The Internet. This is what Sheldon and I say when we have to leave our WiFi-less house to find internet. This particular instance I was posting my latest Smoothie Diaries post

Anyway, as I was perched on the ledge outside of some of the college apartments a chipmunk wandered past. He was smaller than my hand. I was mesmerised by how silently he moved across the sidewalk. His cheeks were bulging with food. 

The brief encounter made me feel so glad.  

2. Messing up things
Last night before bed Sheldon took a pillow off the cover revealing the big orange splotch. I giggled hysterically and said something like, “Oh no, someone has been eating Mexican food in our bed! Was it you?!”

Sheldon pretended that it had in fact been him who had eaten leftover birthday enchiladas in bed and left a large orange stain. Full disclosure: it was not him. It was me. He was such a good sport about my decadent and sloppy ways. 

3. Lunch buddies
This past week I have discovered a group of Sophomores who always eat lunch together. I got in with them through my friend Suzannah, who is a kindred graphic-novel-loving/missionary kid/strange-sense-of-humour spirit.

Anyway, I asked them if they minded my permanent membership to their club, even though I am not in their grade. They said they don’t mind, which makes me so happy because I don’t tend to hang out with groups of friends very often. I am usually flying solo or with one or two people. 

They are just the kind of people with whom I would want to spend my lunch period: kind, funny and intelligent. 

Want more Three Things? 

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