Thursday, March 3, 2016

Three Things: Ways to Feel More Beautiful

If you feel gross instead of beautiful is there anything you can do about it? I am the kind of person who likes to solve problems. If something is wrong and I have an idea for fixing it, then I want to hop right up and start fixing. I like to list out all the aspects of the problem so I can attack each one. So when it comes to feeling like a disgusting wad of dough, I have some ideas for fixing this. Of course with the understanding that I mentioned earlier that this can be an extremely deep seated set of emotions. I realise that my list is not a cure-all. But I do think they are helpful for relieving some of the pain. 

1. Pretend You Are Someone Else
When I feel down about my body I say things about it that I would never in a million years say to another person. I may not say things out loud, but I think them. I harsh on myself. sometimes I feel so frustrated that I spend too much time in the mirror trying to scrub and pick acne off my face or rearrange my hair until my scalp aches. That is a terrible way to treat anyone. Especially someone who is walking around in a body given to them by God Himself. So pretend like you are a different person. Wash your face as though you were washing the face of someone you loved instead of your own face, with whom you are currently upset. Smooth lotion into you sad arms and legs as though you were caring for a sick loved one. Basically, just be use gentle motions and nurturing touch. I do this when I put on makeup. If I am in a hurry I find myself hurriedly swabbing my face with paint. I remember once  when a friend did my make-up for me she used the most gentle dabbing motions. there was no pressure or smearing, but soft kitten footsteps on my face. Doing this will help you to feel more beautiful and valued.

2. Let Your Hair Down and Go For a Walk
Fresh air and brisk movement is amazing. By having your hair down the wind can move through it and refresh you. Flowy hair always makes me feel like a movie star. Wind in your face lights up your cheeks. Movement gets the chemicals in your brain moving and releases endorphins, which can help you feel happier and more energised. Not to mention there is the added benefit that getting out of the house helps you to focus outward on sounds, smells and sights. Getting out of the prison of your mirror or your bathroom sink helps to soothe a feeling of being trapped in the wrong body.

3. P!NK
This is kind of a weird one--but this lady rockstar's music makes me feel like a powerful, beautiful woman. I love how her lyrics are about being a woman who can have fun with girlfriends and doesn't need male approval to enjoy herself. She talks about going out at night and dressing up to the nines as a way of feeling great, but not as a ploy to pick up random dudes. I love this mentality. So if P!NK doesn't float your boat, then crank up the music that does make you feel great. Is is Beyonce? Adele? Well, she might be too sad. But pick a few songs and rock out to them. Maybe even take P!NK's example from this song and dress up for fun. Again, this is kind of about getting out of the headspace of an Ugly Funk and filling your mind and the airwaves with something better than your own harsh critiques. Of course, what could happen while listening to the likes of P!NK is that you end up with more a sense of fierceness, rather than beauty and grace...but hey! Better than feeling lumpy!

This post turned out to be kind of therapist-y. I hope I didn't sound too preachy. If any of these ideas are decent, let me know! Also, do you have of your own? What helps you get out of an Ugly Funk?


  1. Lucy, I must write to you once again how much I like your amazing ilustrations and your way of writing... still hope one day you will write your own book! Love Inka

  2. These are lovely ideas! I especially appreciate number one. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we are physical beings as well as rational, and that how you treat your body affects your mental health. Thank you for this post!