Saturday, March 5, 2016

Who is Your Beauty Icon?

Diane Keaton is my beauty heroine. Sheldon recently asked me, "Why are you watching all of these Woody Allen movies?" and I said, "The clothes. Wait! No. Diane Keaton." She is funny, smart and charming and she seems to thrive on being herself. Of course I love her clothes in movies like Annie Hall and Manhattan. She actually reminds me of my mother, who had long blonde hair and a tomboy, school-teacher style when she was my age. So today let's celebrate some beauty icons; namely my mom. 

This my mom on her honeymoon a few months after their marriage. I still have the scarf she was wearing. It smelled so lovely and woody from having spent so much time in a drawer. I love wearing it and feeling like some of my Mom's classiness might rub off on me. I think that she is making a pose in this photo, but it is hard to tell. You can't see but they are playing cards here. This is odd, because my mom doesn't love card games in general. This must have been back when she would still play them to make my dad happy. I love her saggy, man-sweater over a wool skirt.

My mom's hair is so lovely. I like how she wore it loose and flowy. This is her on a whale watch. It might also be on the honeymoon. Another killer scarf. 

This is my father's top favourite picture of my mom. Not only because she looks adorable, but also because she is sitting with a young girl who had severe mental disabilities. This photo was taken during a summer camp for mentally and physically disabled children. My mom and dad were both counsellors. It makes my dad very glad to remember her love and patience for those kids. I love her outfit, as well as her compassion for disabled children. I am on the hunt for a skirt like that...

This is a recent photo. My dad took it of my mom on his birthday. He bought himself a new camera and wanted to take nice photos of all his family members. I love how rosy my mom looks here. I appreciate how she takes care of her skin and hair. I know it is a stereotype of misisonary women that they wear long, plain hair, floor-length skirts and no make-up. But that is not my mother. She is not made-up twenty four seven, but when she leaves the house she is classy and appropriately dressed. 

What have I learned from my beauty icon? 

1. Skip the beauty routine if there are more important things at hand. Save the make-up and elaborate hair for when you have more time. Go out and do stuff! 

2. Comfort doesn't have to look frumpy. Wear flat shoes and warm sweaters. Borrow flannel shirts and t-shirts from the boys. But don't forget rosy cheeks and beautiful hair. 

3. Graceful hands are beautiful. My mom has beautiful, slender hands. Check out the first photo! 

4. Sometimes the most beautiful thing is being caring and loving. 

I love you, Mom!


  1. Your mom is indeed a beauty! It's fun to see some old photos of her.