Monday, March 7, 2016

My Exciting Spring Break

Do you ever feel like your life is a movie? I do. All the time. I used to imagine that I was the heroine of a book or movie when I was a kid. Sometimes I see the daily events like a film director of an extremely boring cinema verite documentary. I have felt that way especially since being here at my grandparents house in San Marcos Texas. I was here this time last year as well, if you recall this post, or this one. I am on Spring break for a week. My grandfather has been ill, so it turns out to be a good time for me to be here and support my grandparents. So if my life over the past three days of my Texas trip was a movie these are some scenes I would include. 

WARNING! These images are in terrible quality, because I don't have the use of a scanner. Please bear with until I can get them properly edited. 

Scene One

Grandpa is about to be released from the hospital after having a minor surgery on a cracked vertebrae. We have waited all day for the surgeon to release him. Papers had to be collected. Then the papers had to be gone over with the help of a nurse. Then the papers were wrong. New papers. New signatures. Ready to go? Not yet. Have to call an orderly with the wheelchair. Orderly walks past the room. Comes back. Good to go! Nope. Nurses forgot to remove Grandpa's I.V. Call a nurse. Wait five minutes. Tattooed nurse comes, removes I.V. Now can we leave? Not quite. Another nurse got the call about the IV as well. Both nurses check on Grandpa one last time. Maybe now we can leave.

During this whole routine Grandma and I waited patiently (at least outwardly we were patient) outside the room. At some point I joked to Grandpa that we had decided to take home a different patient.

Lucy Rose: Grandpa, I think we might chose a different patient to take home. Maybe we could find one that wouldn't be as grumpy.
Grandpa: You wouldn't find one as tall as me.
Grandma: I think we could keep him. I like 'em tall.

In the end we decided to take him home.

Scene Two

We have waited all day for an important television experience: The Downton Abbey finally. So the three of us gather in the living room to watch. I sit in Grandma's armchair and work on ironing a Bible. Sheldon and I have undertaken the task of refurbishing some old Bibles at our church. The one I am working on has bent corners. I have figured out how to iron out the corners of each page so that they become square again. 

I don't know if anyone had a more exciting Spring Break than me sitting with my grandparents, watching Downton Abbey and painstakingly ironing out the whole Bible. 

Scene Three

Grandma buys me beautiful new shoes. After walking through store after store of clothing that all looks the same to me, we finally found the most perfect pair of wing tip Oxfords. I wore them out of the store like I used to do as a kid too excited about new shoes to bear putting them back into the box. I put my old, worn out shoes in instead. I know it made my grandma glad to buy them for me. Now I just need to get out of the house so I can dazzle the public with my feet! 

While we were trying on the shoes I apologised to my grandma for my hairy ankles. I told her that I stopped shaving my legs. She was highly perplexed at this. "Why did you stop shaving, Darling?" I tried to explain how No-Shave-November turned into No-Shave-November-December-January-Febraury-and-March, but she had little empathy. She also didn't buy my feeble defence that it was some sort of way to stick it to the man. My grandmother is a very elegant and well-groomed lady. 

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