Monday, October 10, 2016

When Life Is Insane...

I have been having trouble keeping my head above water this semester with work at the smoothie bar, full-time studenthood, marriage and of course...blogging. 
That is why I am making an Executive Blog Decision to cut back my blogging to twice a week instead of my ambitious four times. 

I wish I could handle it and create four unique posts per week, but lately I have been posting late and feeling like it is a chore, not a joy to create posts. I see this downsizing as a way for me to make sure that each post is up the standard I want instead of just another thing that I check off my list at the end of the day. 

I applaud those who manage to blog more often, but I need to cut back. My new schedule is to post once on Monday about whatever I feel like and once on Thursday. On Thursdays I will alternate posts  for my Three Things Series and The Smoothie Diaries. If things are going swimmingly I might pop up a random one here and there. 

Thanks for being my lovely readers and bearing with my chaos. Hopefully I can be a better blogger to you all. 

Lucy Rose 

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