Thursday, October 13, 2016

Three Things: Celebrity Inspired Outfits

Many of my fans have been asking lately, "Lucy Rose, how have you adjusted your personal style to match your radical hair chopping transformation?" Well, for all of you fans I have decided to share three outfits that I have been loving of late...

1. Inspired by Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail
I love this romantic comedy. One of the reasons that I love it so much is because Meg Ryan's style is so cute, casual and tomboyish. Her hair is really short in the film and while she wears lots of guys things like jeans and big sweaters she somehow keeps it feminine.

I think the key is the lightweight fabrics and lighter shades, which keep her outfits from being too heavy-looking.

I am wearing my Meg outfit right now.
- Men's 550 Levi's from the thrift store across the street from my house. Light wash, faded and worn.
- Large white v-neck T-shirt tucked in.
- Pale beige cashmere cardigan, also from thrift store across the street.

This outfit makes me feel active, young and comfortable. I feel like my light skin can handle paler colors now that my hair is darker. I used to be afraid of beige and white for fear of being washed out. But my bold haircut works well with these tones.

2. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face
Audrey is tiny and gorgeous. Duh. She is a fashion queen. She definitely gave me the confidence to experiment with short hair. Remember the scene in Roman Holiday when she chops it all off?

I love her outfits in Funny Face. It is so simple: black turtlenecks, flat shoes and slim pants and a trench coat. Throughout the film she oscillates between being her own bookish self and being a model. My inspiration comes form the bookish side.

I wear:
Vintage high waisted pants or my new Levi's (sadly mine are always slightly too big or slightly too small...)
Mock turtleneck tucked in.
Flat shoes from Old Navy.

I do lots of variations on this. Sometimes I wear a chunky cardigan over the turtleneck. Sometimes a loose fitting T-shirt.

3. Inspired by Emma Watson in The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Emma's style in this film really inspired me. She is very 90's: shiny earrings, lips gloss and tight tops. But she also has a hipster vibe with cardigans and plaid. I love the silhouette she has often in the film with a high waist skater skirt that ends right below her butt.

Woah. I just said "butt" on the internet. Mom, are you reading this? I feel like I can say that now that I am twenty-four,married and live on a separate continent from you, but it still feels wrong. Oh well...


My Emma outfit consists of:
Short, brown velvet dress. It is falls to the middle of my thigh, so not too scandalous...I wear it with My one pair of tights, which happen to be grey.
My brown brogues.

This outfit makes me feel a little younger. The short sleeves and length of the dress are youthful, while still being proper and acceptable in church.

There you have it, Folks! Lucy Rose's Celebrity Inspired Fashion Choices! May you be inspired by my outfits. And always remember that you can pretty much get away with anything as long as you exude the confidence.

Even if you don't exude confidence, most people can't tell you aren't confident anyway!

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  1. Delightful post, and inspiring!! Thanks dear Lucy Rose!

    And PS. Your comment to your mom made me laugh out loud! :)