Monday, October 17, 2016

Patio Makeover

This weekend Sheldon met my grandparents for the first time...
My grandfather's health is very poor so they couldn't make it to the wedding. We postponed the ceremony twenty minutes in order to wait for them to Skype in. 

I love my Texan grandparents. They are my mother's parents. They live in a ranch house in San Marcos. They are both reserved, smart people with a wry sense of humour. It is one of my main goals in life to make my grumpy grandfather grin. 

My grandma gave Sheldon a big hug as we walked in the door. I handed her the blue quilting bag with her borrowed wedding dress. She laughed and said she wondered if she would ever see it again. 

I can tell that she has taken to Sheldon for his quiet, thoughtful ways. 

We have visited my grandfather in the rehabilitation centre once or twice every day. I know it is hard for my grandma to be happy when she knows that he is feeling down and sick. He desperately wants to leave and come home, but he caught a bad virus and has to stay until it passes. 

Sheldon and I designated today a Work Day. We wanted to help around the house and make Grandma and Grandpa feel better about the state of their yard. 

My main goal was to give their front stoop a makeover. I know that it bothers Grandma that when she looks out onto the stoop from her kitchen window all she sees are dead hanging plants, a string of faded papier-mache vegetables and empty plastic pots. 

We repotted her huge elephant ears and cleared out the empty pots. I swept the whole thing and hid the vegetables. I wanted to throw them away, but Sheldon recommended that I just put them away in case they have sentimental value. 

On the way home from the rehab centre my grandmother chose three hanging plants; a fern, an ivy and a philodendron. We also chose one large potted plant for the stoop and a small, pearly grey vine for her kitchen window sill. We repotted it into a milk glass goblet over the lip of which the tiny tendrils drape down toward the sink. 

I wish Sheldon and I could stay longer and do housework for her every week, but makes me glad to know that even after we leave in two days she can look out the kitchen window and cheery garden instead of a hanging wasteland. 

P. S. Want more adventures at my grandparent's house? 

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