Friday, September 11, 2015

Three Things: Unusual Couples

I know. This is the first week that I am late with my Three Things series. Hopefully the exciting-ness of this week's edition will make up for my tardiness.

This week I indulged in one of my favourite hobbies: Unusual Couple Collecting. I like to find and "collect" (mentally, not literally) unlikely-seeming couples. who seem unlikely or unexpected in some way. They make it into my collection if they seem like people who would not logically pair together or if they are cute or interesting. For example the girl is extremely tall and the guy quite short. Or one has numerous tattoos and the other seems very straight-laced.

So instead of three objects I have been appreciating I will share three unusual couples I have spotted throughout the week.

1. The Guy With the Simpsons Boxers
Sheldon and I spotted these two at the Jewel in West Chicago. They were linked at the hip and ambling slowly toward the store as Sheldon and I were exiting it. The guy had his trousers sagging very low on his frame and his Simpsons themed boxers were prominent. I admired the girl's obvious affection for this Simpson-loving, brazen gentleman. It also sparked a discussion of whether Sheldon should start wearing television-themed underwears. I said he should. He was not sold on the idea. 

2. The Guy with the 50's Hair
I spotted this pair from the window of Suzette's on the day I had coffee with Katherine. We were both interested in the way that the guy had his hair slicked back in a duck-tail hairstyle a la John Travolta in Grease. He was also wearing a wife beater and just looking tough. I liked how he looked like he was from the 50s or 60s and his girlfriend was just a nice looking 2015 girl.

3. The Lady with the Cigarette 
These two were outside Westside Improv the other day. We chatted for a moment about the new improv joint. She smoked a cigarette and he wore and old black T-shirt. I liked how casual they were with one another. Not clingy, but still deferential toward one another.

Sheldon's deal-breakers.
Drawings of everyone's shoes.
Accidents happen. 

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  1. Here are suggestions for Sheldon if he would like to try television-themed boxers.
    PHINEAS AND FERB. Someone in my family already has these Disney cartoon heroes on underwear. P and F say, "American Culture is fun be we can make fun of it. Gently."
    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The old series from the seventies is just Seventies Cool. You cannot get more stylishly retro. But the new series is dramatic, thought-provoking and creative.
    WOLF HALL. This Masterpiece Theater series examines the lives of key politicians during the reign of King Henry the Eighth. Forget "Downton Abbey." Wolf Hall examines life and death issues. Wolf Hall underwear would mark the wearer as truly intellectual.