Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ke$ha, Cadillac and Hubby

Dear People,

Yesterday I shared a terrible drawing and told you about how we celebrated Sheldon's birthday. Yes, he's feeling 22, Taylor. Thanks for asking. Anyway I asked the assembled guests to recount the stories of their first memories of Sheldon. Being seniors when I am a sophomore, they have known him much longer than I. One of the stories made me laugh a lot. One of Sheldon's friends remembers a Post-It-Note that Sheldon had shown them in the early days of their acquaintanceship. Apparently it was a list of the things that Sheldon did NOT want in a wife.

I need to made some things clear. Sheldon has renounced the practice of making lists about his future spouse. Yes, I am the most likely candidate at this rate, but no, I do not have to match up to a number of preselected traits in order to make it to the next level. He wants it to be very clear that this list was made in jest and at a time of considerably less maturity.

Here is the fateful list:

I am glad that Sheldon no longer adheres to this particular list, because as you can see from this photo I strike out on all of these conditions. 

Goodnight, My Dear Readers.


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  1. Dear Ke$sha,
    What song are you singing in the Cadillac? Your biggest fan in the Č R,