Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Good Day to Eat Cake

There are days when it is appropriate to buy and eat a tiny pink-frosted cake called a petit four. Today was a rainy and long day filled with meetings and big decisions. A very appropriate day for cakes.

I went into a creperie in our town called Suzette's and ordered an Americano and a perfectly formed petit four. It was an hour of good conversation with my friend Katherine--an oasis in a day of dashing around from meetings with advisors, baby-sitting and tense phone calls about The Future of Lucy Rose's College Career. Not to mention in the rain. Oh wait. I did mention that.

The petit four was like a baby wedding cake. Katherine helped me nibble it, although she claims not to be a huge fan of fondant. She rolled her eyes as I continued to take photos of it. I was trying to capture the delicacy of the translucent icing. I couldn't quite get it.

The tranquility of Suzette's and the perfection of my sugary confection helped me to gather enough strength for the rest of my evening of eye exams for new glasses--complete with that horrible puff of air in each eye and those drops which make your eyes huge, and homework.

I hope that your Tuesday has been lovely. I hope it has been a little less exhausting then mine. But if not, then I hope you had an experience similar to my cake one to keep you going. 

Lucy Rose

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