Sunday, August 30, 2015

5 Funny Videos

Hello People of the Interwebs,

Have a lovely Sunday! I hope it is restful and refreshing. I am going back to the church I go to while at school for the first time today. I am excited to see everyone, but also nervous. I don't know why I should be. I guess just not having seen people in a while.

Anyway, I have compiled 5 of my favourite funny YouTube videos for your enjoyment:
1. The Hobbit (10 Guaranteed Improvements)

2. Kid Falling Out of Roller Coaster

(Watch out, this one has the F word...Are you brave enough?)

This last on is a bonus, because I am probably the only one on The Internet who thinks it is funny. Correction: I think is is hilarious. Like, I can't even watch it any more because I die laughing every time and it takes me a few days to recover. 

I found it when I was studying for my maturita* exams (find an explanation of that here). One of the questions we had to prepare was about all the different kinds of glue. I wanted to make my revision more interesting so I tried looking up YouTube videos about glue. This is what I found. Watch out. It is truly bizarre. 

Lucy Rose

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*This is the final exam in order to gain your high school diploma. You are tested in four subjects. Each school chooses it's own four required or optional subjects. The state requires some mandatory ones like English as a Second Language and Maths. At art school we were required to be tested in  English, Literature, Technology of Fine Arts and History of Art. 

In the classic maturita exam you are given a list of 25 topics in each subject at the beginning of the year. You prepare for all of them throughout the year. On the day of the test you randomly select one of the topics and are given fifteen minutes of preparation time. 

When prep time is up you must speak fluently and intelligently to a panel of teachers about the given topic for 15 minutes. During this time the teachers may challenge you with questions, laugh at your bad grammar or fall asleep. During my Maturita they did all three. I think the most laughter was when I mistakenly referred to Charlemagne as "Big Charles". 

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  1. Thanks for the silly links! It's always nice to watch things that make us smile.

    Rae | Love from Berlin