Saturday, August 29, 2015

Making Assumptions

Do you ever get jealous of someone who seems to have it all together? You know that person whose outfit is well tailored and stain-free. Their hair appears clean and beautifully frames their face. They are wearing uncomfortable-looking shoes yet they still seem carefree. They walk breezily by you and flash a white, straight smile. You want to sidle up and nudge them into the bushes for being so perfect.

Is this something that only happens to me? Or do you guys also know what it feels like to look at someone else's life and find it infuriating that they seem to have mastered living.

I had an epiphany the other day. I think Oprah would call it an "Ah-Hah Moment". I think I need to pay her corporation several thousand dollars to type that here. Oh well. It is all worth it for the blog!
My favourite childhood journalist and amateur detective, the baby-faced Tintin would exclaim, "Eureka!"

My epiphany (or whatever it was) was this: They may look like they have their act together, but I don't have the full story. This hit me when I was walking around campus the other day. I was feeling cute, because I had gone the extra mile on my hair and make-up that day. I was also wearing a newly thrifted J.Crew dress, which in Mid-Western America is the epitome of class. I met an acquaintance who was happy to see me after the summer.

"Lucy Rose, you look so gorgeous! Your hair is amazing short like that. Oh my gosh, do your nails match your dress?!"

I was thrilled to be fawned over in that manner and also a little embarrassed. I felt chuffed but also confused. Esther saw a poised young woman in a J.Crew dress with perfect make-up and matching nail polish.

I saw a young woman who had been locked out of her apartment, because she lost her keys. A girl who had not eaten lunch yet and was extremely tired. I knew that the fact that my nails matched my dress was completely accidental and that I had had to re-paint them two times because I kept sitting on them on accident. I also knew that underneath all my carefully applied make-up I was hosting a larger family of pimples and red acne scars (they had so many children they were probably a homeschool family. Or maybe Catholic. Or both).

I finished up the small talk with Esther and limped away on my aching toes to find lunch. That was when I realised how good an actor I am. I played the part of someone whose act is all together and it worked. The audience bought it. How many other people are doing the same thing? Is the girl whose shoes and hair I envy also carrying some burden of doubt or insecurity? Could the girl who was engaged by the first year of college and planning her gorgeous wedding be struggling with heart-breaking in-law issues?

I am trying to remember this as I walk around campus. No, I don't need to tell everyone about all my problems with using cutlery and losing all my stuff.

Have a great Saturday, People.

Lucy Rose

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  1. I love how honest and observant you are. What a privilege to get a window into Lucy's thoughts. :)