Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thanks for stopping in to read my blog. I haven't written anything in a few years, but will pretend like nothing has happened and just get back to blogging. Oh wait! I have a better idea.

Previously in the Life of Lucy... (Here you have to imagine the deep announcer's voice and the following montage of important scenes which are meant to get you up to date on what's been happening. You know, like on LOST.)

I began my secondary education at a school of visual arts here in the Czech Republic.

I turned eighteen and became an official adult by European standards. This means I am eligible to drink alcohol and drive. (Not at the same time, don't worry. And I can't drive yet despite my vivid dreams in which I master the art immediately and ferry wounded people to hospital.) I started my second year at secondary school.

Also in 2010 my family adopted a three-year-old boy named Izak. I love being having three brothers. It's so much more impressive to say, "I have three brothers." than "I have two brothers."

Ok. Those are the biggies that have occurred since my last post. I hope to be diligent about keeping up this blog. Thanks for caring enough to read what I have to say. It means a lot. Oh and please bear with my spelling and use of punctuation.

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