Sunday, August 23, 2015

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Darling Readers,

Today has been pretty crazy as I have been preparing to fly back to Wheaton tomorrow. I have been visiting people, spending time with my family and packing. Not to mention going to church!

Today I wanted to share some blogs that I have been loving lately. I have newly discovered them. They make me smile, inspire me and are beautiful internet things. I hope you enjoy them too.

Have a lovely Day of Rest!

Blogs I Have Been Loving:

1. A Girl, Obsessed: Girly topics, style and make-up. This blogger is savvy. She makes being a woman fun.

2. The Dainty Squid: I love the photos, rich colours and quirky perspective this blogger provides.

3. The Bohemian Collective: A series of boho-sheik bloggers collaborate on this whimsical and gorgeous blog. It always make me want to wear beads and wander in fields.

4. WonderForest: This blogger gives tons of practical blogging advice. She is frank and super knowledgable on how to grow your web presence.

5. Oana Befort: She is a mother and an illustrator. I love how she makes her daily life into an art-form. Beautiful watercolour work.

Bonus: The Everywhereist: Funny and well-informed. This blogger knows what's up in the world and gives a funny spin on it.

Lucy Rose

I will try super hard to post tomorrow! It might not happen though...
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  1. I love Mandy's blog so much (A Girl, Obsessed) :)
    Need to have a look at other blogs. It is so lovely when bloggers promote each other.
    xox Nadia