Saturday, August 22, 2015

New to Pinterest: Learning to Pin

Greetings Blog Readers, 

I am not from this planet. I am from the planet of No Pinterest. 
I have recently arrived on your planet and I have seen this thing of Pinterest. 
I would like to become fluent in its usage. 

                                                                   Alien on Planet Pinterest 

OK. Silliness aside, it is true that I am completely new to Pinterest. I avoided signing up, because I thought I couldn't keep up with yet another social media outlet. I mean, like, I already have Facebook, Ok?! But I always enjoyed browsing my friend Joanna's browsing Pinterest boards. I loved how she curated the finds from her internet browsing. It seemed like such a sleek way to deal with the barrage of images and information that the internet offers.

One time I opened an account, but I refused to follow anyone or let the follow me. 
I was afraid of getting Pinterest emails in the same way I used to get Facebook emails. It was like anti-social social media patronisation. To this Joanna said, "That is a really dumb reason. You know you can just block those emails if you don't want them."

Thanks, Jo. What a sweetie.

ANYWAY. I am now celebrating the birth of my new Pinterest account. Hooray!

I am learning new things like:
- How to pin things
- What a "board" is
- How to install an icon with a tiny Pinterest 'P' on it
- How to be ethical in my pinning (I did my research and read 
  this article in preparation)

All of this is entirely too exciting. You observe a flurry of pinning in the next few days. It is going to be amaze balls. At this moment I already have three pins on my single board, which I have titled "Feeling Cultured".

Go ahead. Check it out. I know you are dying to.

Yours truly,
Lucy Rose, A Confessed Pinterest Alien

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  1. Aww love those drawings!!! Do you do them yourself, girlie?
    Cute little guide - so adorable :)
    xox Nadia

  2. maybe pin #2 (labeled ?) is a push pin?

  3. Julie: Yes!!! That is it! Thanks:)

    Nadia: Thank you so much! Yes, I do them myself. I will definitely be checking out your blog:)