Monday, September 29, 2014

100 Posts. Hooray!

Hi guys!

I have been blogging since I was fifteen years old. I will be twenty two on Thursday. This post marks my one hundredth post.Thank you for following along with me. It has been a pleasure to me. I hope it has been for you as well.

Or, perhaps you like to read my blog, because my posts are so bad that you enjoy hating them. If that is the case then you are welcome. I am glad you have found them entertaining.

If you are just joining: Welcome aboard! I hope you stick around for my next seven years of blogging hilarity. Just kidding. By then blogging will have been replaced by a device that allows you to upload your thoughts straight onto the internet.

Here is a brief retrospective on my blog:

My first two posts ever.

My pre-high-school days. 

Applying to art high-school.

Taking the SATs in Prague. 

My first weeks of college.

Family vacation. 

My travel guide. 


Please feel free to contact me about how to send me birthday presents to my address. 

With love,
Lucy Rose

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