Monday, March 24, 2008

Interesting Things

Hello! Did you enjoy a lovely Easter Sunday celebrating Jesus' amazing resurrection? Well we did! I'm excited about how much he cares about me. Enough to give me the gift of his death on the cross.
Lots of interesting things have been happening around the Till household lately. This week was difficult for my dad, who has been struggling with some real problems at work. That's been hard, but this afternoon he embarked on another trip to the States. He'll be gone for three weeks, raising support, encouraging people to pray for BMA and getting four students settled in with American families. It can get a little hectic when he's gone for a long period of time, so I hope we hold out!
Soon my brother Patrick will leave to look for colleges! It's a reminder that we only have him for another year and a half! That's not nice to think about, I'm going to miss him a ton.
As far as I am concerned, a few interesting things have been going on with me too. Maybe some of you know that I have been interested in an art high school. (Stredni Umelecka Skola v Ostrave, for those of you who speak czech) Well right now I'm pretty serious about this school. I have to complete a portfolio of 25 pictures by January to apply. The scary thing is they only take about nine kids. So it's something I've been praying alot about lately and hae been wondering if this is something God wants for me.
The other, smaller interesting thing that has happened to me is; I got my hair cut! My hair was starting to get pretty gross. Split ends were becoming tripple split ends and I wouldn't be surprised if small animals had started nesting in it's tangled locks. Anyway I went to the haircuttery (I'm not sure that's a word...) and asked for "something different", in other words really short. The haircutress (Ok I admit, I made that one up) however decided she didn't want to cut my hair as short as I wanted her to. She insisted that it would look horrible. So I got a nice sholder length haircut. It was cute. But when I got home I hacked off an extra two inches or so, till it was the length I wanted it to be. I'm pretty happy with it now! And I would show you the before and after pics we took, but my dad just flew away with the camera for the next 3 weeks! I'm not saying you should try this at home (cutting your own hair, I mean). The real moral of this long winded tale is: Don't let your haircuttress boss you around!
Ok, that about wraps things up for now. I'm hoping to have the use of my tutor's scanner soon so that I can show you my latest art work. Bye for now!


  1. What a wonderful moral!! =) Your hair looks great. Can't wait to see your new artwork!

  2. I reject that moral! I cut my own hair at home. It was way too long and so I juat looked at myself in the mirror one day and said :no more!" I hacked like 5 inches off and....well, ok, you got me, it was a bad idea. But I can pretend it was a good idea! Yeah, you can't stop me!
    I personally had a grand and glorious Easter! North sub put up this cross completely covered with real flowers in the hall by the sanctuary. It was also surrounded by a bazzilion red rose petals (sp?). It was so pretty, and there was singing, and singing and singing! I had lunch with the fam except no Laura, because she went to the beach instead (whatever!) (actually on a side nore Laura just chopped her hair really short too, but she didn't do it herself).
    Then I fled back to Dekalb to attend mt friend's concert with all the songs that she has composed herself. Once again, so beautiful!
    Hopefully your home will remaine relatively calm, and you can enjoy all the happy spring (hopefully it's spring there as well!)

  3. yea, i that's a pretty good moral. My mom tried cutting my older brother's hair when he was relly young and that was the day she decided to just spend a few bucks and go to the barber. Well, i hope you get into that school. Sounds really tough, but i know you can do it. I know what the whole college thing is going to be like. Paul leaves for college August 15. Well, i can't wait to see more of paintings.