Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm a member of a Christian singing group called Tensing, which meets in my town. It's a great place for teens to sing, hang out with friends and just have fun. Along with singing, we occasionally dance (I only dance when forced...) or do drama. Being a lover of drama, naturally I was excited when our leader asked me to lead a series of drama workshops. How wonderful! A chance to act and boss people around, at the same time!
I lead the first drama session (after lots of valuable consultation with my very dramatic father) about three weeks ago and was pretty pleased with it's results. I stressed the importance of three main keys to good drama; support, position and movement. I illustrated each with a corrosponding game.
Last week I planned a game that focused on support. Unfortunatly, there was a whole lot of people and I didn't really have their attention.
This week I was asked to lead a drama workshop for the whole two hours, seeing as our leader is in Israel. I was kind of dreading exercising authority over people who are the same age as me or older, not to mention keeping them occupied for an hour. Anyway, I prepared a short explanation of the phrase "suspention of disbelief". That means when the audience knows the play isn't real, but despite that they are willing to enter the world created by the actors, that is if the actors do their job right. This all sounded great when I was getting ready at home, but then I had to somehow say that in czech. I realized that a little late. Too late actually, I don't really think they got it...ANYWAY, the rest of the hour went ok. We played the games I had prepared, and some of the kids got pretty into it. I did have one non-tensing person show up. That was difficult, seeing as I don't think he had any interest in what we were doing at all. Maybe he thought there would be food...Now I'm trying to write a script for the skit we will do at our next concert. That's a bit scary. I've never written a play before!
Well, now you know how I've been spending my Monday evenings! Thanks for reading!


  1. To zvládneš! Kdybys potřebovala poradit, tak mi zavolej. Podělím se o trochu svého génia :)

  2. I'd love to be in your class! So how do you translate "suspension of disbelief" into Czech? "Viseni nevernosti"? If you translate that back into English, you get "hanging betrayal." I think you are an amazing daughter. You are learning so much! lots of love, MOM