Saturday, March 8, 2008


Hello! I'm afraid it's been a while since my last update, so I'll try to be as witty and charming as possible to make up for lost time:)
Some interesting things have been happening around here lately. We are renovating our house! My parents have been dreaming up plans for our house's makeover ever since we bought it. The idea is to have three stages of construction. The first stage is knocking down the wall separating my parents bedroom and the living room. We have been experiencing the side effects of "stage one" for a week. The workmen came on Monday to knock down the wall.
For the first four days I stayed with a friend. I felt very grown up for those days with no parents. But now I'm back and can return to being thoroughly adolescent. I'm now living in my little brother's bedroom. This means waking up each morning to see the tiny grimacing faces of his Lord of the Rings figure collection. Actually I've made friends with most of them. Underneath their tough warrior exteriors they are sensitive, caring guys.
Well that's all for now! I'd like to post some before and after pictures once "stage one" is finished. But we'll have to see if our camera and my computer cooperate enough to do so. Thanks for reading!


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  2. I'm interested to see what it looks like right now!
    Okay, your little tidbit about the figures made me think of something I read...only true LOTR fans will laugh and appreciate this =)

    Excerpt from Legolas' Diary:
    Gandalf fell into shadow. In other news, I think I am developing a spot on my nose. Very serious situation, as Elven spots likely to last for 500 years or more.

    Still prettiest in the fellowship.

  3. What drama! Here's an idea, how about you figure out your dad's riddle that he sent all of us about "ears exposed". I don't know if he ever intends to tell us!!!! The horror!
    Seriously though, my dear Lucy, it is good to hear your voice, if only your poetic voice throgh the poor medium of the computer. I'm glad to hear that your spirit cannot be dulled by the trials of LOTR figures and such. It reminds me of when my current home was being renovated. Bassically, the windows were just being replaced, but that meant all the couches in the living room had to be...rearanged. I'm talking about serious drama here! Seriously....serious.
    Ok, so it was nothing compared to yours, but it was fun. I'd hide behind the couches and scare the boys when they walked by.
    Thats all for now.
    Keep writing, and keep the love alive!

  4. So you stayed with your friend for a few days, but i bet you are happy to be living with your family again. I mean staying in your little brother's room sounds like lots of fun and the LOTR figures seem to keep you plenty company. Well, i can't wait to see pictures and keep on the good side of those LOTR bunch because we all know what Legolas did to the Oliphaunt.

  5. Dear Lucy,
    Your little brother is a the co-author of the Orcs Can Be Your Friend song which will help you to be reconciled with your many small roommates. Here are the words.
    Orcs can be your friends, orcs can be your friends...
    Even though they murder men and women
    They can go to parties and go swimmin'
    Orcs can be your friends, orcs can be your friends...
    Even though they look like one big snotball
    They can write some poems and be thoughtful
    Orcs can be your friends, orcs can be your friends...
    Even though they liek to snort and grunt,
    They can play football. Let them punt.

  6. Hi Lucy,

    Well nice to see your presence in the blogging world!