Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Dad's Socks, Images from Chicago

I went to the city of Chicago this weekend to catch the last day of an exhibition of Josef Koudelka's photos at the Art Institute. Here are a few images from that day.

My feet are the red-shod ones. Yes, my socks looked that dorky all day. Before you throw fashion tomatoes at me (no, I do not know what those are) There are actually 2 specific reasons to justify the wearing of my men's Fruit of the Loom socks over my pants. (If you like the look I am achieving with my feet you can buy your own socks here or ask your own dad)

Reason #1: I was getting sick that day and I did not care what my socks were doing. 

Reason #2: I sometimes leave my socks outside my pants if they happen to end up that way when I put them on as a memorial to my father. When I lived at home pre-college, I took it upon myself to be my father's outward appearance monitor. This entailed checking his nose hair status (too long, too crusty etc.), vetoing outfits, affirming outfits, calling him out on XYZ moments and of course telling him to untuck his pants from his socks. 

So now that I am far from home in the USA my father has no one to help him keep his outward appearance presentable. 

(Although this is not strictly speaking true. He can be pretty dashing if he chooses and my fashion-savvy mother will help him in dire situations. I just tend to be more vocal and obnoxious about "keeping my dad in check". But I do this out of the knowledge that the men in my family have the distinct ability to go from looking presentable and decent to looking like homeless wilderness men in a matter of minutes.)

I miss him a lot and so when I find that in the morning I have accidentally put my socks on over my pants, I like to leave them tucked. People remark on it throughout the day and I have an opening to talk about my daddy, whom I miss. 

This guy is cool, eh?! I had to take this photo quickly because it was in the middle of the crosswalk in the city. 

The red eye of Target gleaming out from behind it's glass. AHH!!! 

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