Friday, August 10, 2012

Family Vacation August 2012

Dear Stumblers-Upon-My-Blog,

It has been awhile, eh? Yes indeed. But as Miranda Hart, my favorite British comedienne would say,"Let's jolly on with the show!"

This Wednesday my family returned from vacation in Bohemia. We folded myself and my gangly younger-but-larger brother Paul Hugh into the backseat and then sort of stuffed five-year-old brother Isaac into the cracks. Dad drove and Mom read Harry Potter out loud. Away we went.

Each day we had a new city a new hotel and a new goal of what to see there.

Destination #1: Třebič

To see the old Jewish Quarter and the largest and best preserved Jewish cemetery in the republic. It was lovely and sad and fascinating. Unfortunately I was starting to feel ill and could not enjoy it too well.

Hotel rating:
Two Stars. Did not smell great. The pool was small and murky. Above it was probably the most tacky mural I have ever seen. It was an airbrushed, completely naked version of Kate Winslet in that scene from Titanic where she poses for Jack in nothing but a necklace.

In the mural version, however, her legs are inexplicably severed. Maybe to make way for the Titanic which appears to be careening towards her. Her expression is immovably sexy despite legless-ness.

Paul Hugh did a great underwater impression of Kate. Except with trunks. And legs.

Destination #2: Kutná Hora

To see the small and very unique cathedral of Saint Barbora.

Hotel rating:
Two and a half stars. Very nice people. Much cleaner rooms. Badly working hot water dispenser.

We had lots of adventures in Kutna Hora:
-My mom accidentally drank a contact lens.

-My dad got caught in a spectacular rainstorm because he was out having a cathedral photo taking session. SO as not to get his one pair of shoes wet he took them off and wrapped them in his shirt. He ran shirtless and barefoot across the main square in the pouring rain.

-My sixteen-year-old brother Paul Hugh spent the whole time contemplating the best way to climb up the side of the cathedral.

-Izak and I got scolded by a rude lady who thought I wanted to throw him off the balcony of the cathedral. What, in fact, I was doing was boosting him up to show him the little tiny people and pews below.

Whew. It was fun. The cathedral was lovely.
We had studied about it in History of Art, so it was awesome to see it in person.

I am so grateful God protected and provided for us throughout!

Lucy Rose


  1. This made me so happy (particularly the last picture)! You should definitely illustrate a book some day...that would be AMAZING. :)

  2. I absolutely loved this blog post and your oh-so-wonderful drawings!! You are gifted both in illustration and in witty writing...nicely done! :)