Monday, August 13, 2012

Trains and Rocks

So I have been working this summer as a teacher's aid at a preschool. When I do the morning shift I come in early and wait for the first kids to arrive. Today I had two little girls; Simonka and Vanesa, come in first. Both are completely adorable with endearing speech impediments and just all around cuteness, but secretly Vanesa is one of my favorites.

Simonka and Vanesa played happily with their train set for a while while I looked on from my spot on the couch, poised to jump in if a scuffle broke out. And one did, or I thought it would when Simonka decided to take all prettiest red trains away and hug them tightly to her chest.
Vanesa asked very calmly, "Could you give me a red train, please?"
(I always get attached to the ones who say 'please')
Simonka clutched the red trains tighter, stuck out her lower lip looked Vanesa straight in the eyes and gave a firm, "NO!"

This was the moment I lifted my bottom from the seat ready to console a crying Vanesa and chastise the non-sharer, but there was no need. Vanesa did not cry. She merely dropped her hands in her lap and looked sad for half a minute and then reached out a dimpled hand towards the shiny red train. She stroked it longingly a couple times and told Simonka earnestly,
"I just wanted to pet it."
Then she turned around and found a different toy. I did not need to intervene.

Sigh. That made my day. So did the rock one little girl gave me as a present.

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