Thursday, March 24, 2016

Three Things: Watercolour Scenes from the Train

We took the train from Chicago to Kansas City today. For the first hour we sat looking out of the windows saying very little. We were enthralled by the scenery. First we watched the city pass by and fade from Harlem, to Brookfield and into smaller and smaller suburbs. We have been in love with a graphic novel artist called Chris Ware, who draws beautiful miniature landscapes of the the Chicago suburbs in amazing detail and colour. We felt like we were flying through a Chris Ware novel. For my Three Things Series I tried to capture some of the beauty in the following three scenes (plus one bonus!). 

It was a pretty make-shift art studio on the train. I used a Uni-Ball, black pen and watercolours, which I wetted using a little bit of water from a water bottle in a used coffee cup. I balanced my notepad on my knee and tried not to get pain all over the train-issued pillow. We are now sitting in Sheldon's childhood home with his parents. Just chatting. Bed soon. Goodnight. 

1. Telephone Poles

2. The Pit

3. Houses and Street

Bonus: The Farmhouse