Saturday, March 26, 2016

Weekend Wedding Update #2

We took a big step in the wedding planning department today: We started our Wedding Registry. This was big, because it is one of those wedding things that baffles me. What does one put on one's registry? How big is it? If you choose expensive items do people think you are too greedy? If you ask for things that are too cheap, then you are stuck with them for the rest of life. 

Part One: The Registry
We got the scanning device and received a brief crash course in its usage. Then we were set loose in the store. First: Kitchen Stuff. We should get a blender. Which blender? This super expensive one? Would we use all those attachments? No. This blender is too pretentious. Ok, what about these? No. Not classy enough. How about we get a set of flatware? Ok. This one? No. The tines on the forks are too far apart. This one? No. The stems are too wide. 

This is the way the whole trip goes. By the time we get to Bathroom Stuff we are exhausted. I have a headache and Sheldon is droopy. We have managed to scan a total of 14 items. Not even close to the clerk's suggestion that we scan up to 300 items in order to give our guests enough to choose from. But we cannot go on. The process of making so many choices and having them all crammed in front of us, awaiting our judgement was too much. 

My favourite thing on our registry so far? The vacuum cleaner. I threw caution to the wind and opted for the most expensive, most impressive vacuum cleaner. Sheldon's favourite thing? A thing called a ream cutter, which cleanly chops through massive stacks of paper. We put it on our list just in case someone wants to blow 2000$ on a book-making tool for us. We are doubtful. 

Part Two: The Strategy Session 
In other wedding news we also had an important Strategy Session headed up by Sheldon's mother. It was kind of like those scenes in war movies, when the military folk sit in a dark room and talk about the war they are fighting. They usually look at shocking images on a screen operated by a severe, uniformed person. They also have glasses of water in front of them to keep time hydrated during the difficult hours spent war-mongering.

Ok, so our meeting was slightly different. We were sitting around the kitchen table in the morning light. We were also plotting about cake and bridesmaids dresses, not bombs and nuclear weapons. Although Sheldon's mother is remarkably organised and driven, she is not quite as intense as the type of straight backed, tight-lipped army ladies that turn up in those movies. She helped us map out the way the day of the wedding would look. Our hope is to have an outdoor picnic-style meal followed by a sunset ceremony and cake afterwards. It felt good to know how the day would look, so that we can now start on planning the details.

Sheldon's mother was insistent upon our desperate need to GET GOING on the planning. She even gave Sheldon a special binder in order to help him map out the months leading up to the day. 

As of right now I feel OK about the wedding. Some stuff I am actually looking forward to planning, like colours and invitations. I will keep you guys posted next week! 


  1. I am very glad about these plans. It sounds as if the day is beginning to come together. I think I will come! Love from your Dad

  2. Did you know that your wedding is in 100 days? I learned that when I went to your registry to check it out...Are you guys are on a liquid diet, as only glasses were on the registry? (no dishes, cookware or cutlery/silverware). Hmmm... :)