Thursday, February 25, 2016

Three Things: What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

Like I said in my last post there are times when I feel beautiful. I wish that these times didn’t directly relate to the amount of make-up products that are on my face, or the coolness clothing I am wearing, or admiring looks from guys. I wish that my feelings of beauty and peace with who I am stemmed from a well-spring of joy within myself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. There are so many external factors that can tip me into feeling like a total babe or a complete frump in seconds. So I want to list three things that make me feel beautiful, without having to do with clothing or make-up. Basically they are totally natural products! 

1. When My Body is Strong: 
The first thing that makes me feel beautiful is when I feel that my body is strong and healthy. When I feel strong and I move well and watch my muscles work I feel powerful and beautiful. Even if I am sweaty and my hair is a mess, I still feel beautiful because I know that my body is doing what it was designed to do well. This is often when I am running or doing yoga or ballroom dancing. 

2. When My Hair is Freshly Washed: 
I feel beautiful when my hair is freshly washed. I love it especially when it has been allowed to air-dry in the warm sun. My curls are happiest and coil-iest when they have been treated to a nice long air-dry. My hair smells good and has a coppery play of colour in the light. This always makes me feel like a fairy princess. 

3. When Sheldon Tells Me: 

I also feel beautiful because of how Sheldon loves me and tells me how he finds me beautiful. He loves to tell me I am beautiful. Sometimes he surprises me and tells me at a time when I feel disgusting. I am like: “Really? You think I look beautiful now?! But I just got off a 10 hour flight!” The worst is when he tells me he thinks I am beautiful, but I can’t believe him. This happens occasionally. I was surprised when we started dating, that he didn’t cure me of feeling bad about my appearance. I thought it dating a man who loved everything about me would eradicate all of my insecurities. But it doesn’t. It helps. Believe me it helps. But it is up to me and God to feel true peace about it. 

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