Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Romantic Walk


Today I texted Sheldon, "Let's go do something." It was a gorgeous day of sixty degrees Fahrenheit. The sun shone. Wind rattled the grey paper leaves that still dangle off the twiggy trees. We decided to do one of our favourite things: take a walk. We love ambling about together. We chat, look around ourselves and sometimes instate a quiet time and just walk in silence. I wanted to go somewhere we had never yet been. We often drive past patches of nature or forest preserves when we are out in the car. One of us will point to the other and say, "Wow! Look over there. We should go there sometime." We have quite a collection of such places around Wheaton. We went to one of them today--a manmade lake surrounded by hills and a wide path.  Here are a few sketches I made of our time. 

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  1. Is this water color? It is gorgeous. I love how dreamy it looks. The color runs outside the lines which adds to the unreality of the beauty of the places. Thanks for sharing :)