Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winter Picnic


It has been raining for days. On Sunday Sheldon and I bought hot tamales from our favorite Mexican grocery store and ate them in the park. We sat under a wooden shelter, which had bird poop all over the floor. Instead of sitting on the poop we sat on two orange buckets that Sheldon had in the back of his truck. Eating the tamales out of the foil packaging was heavenly, because of the cold and wet. We watched the rain drizzle onto the soggy grass. Our picnic didn't last very long, because begot so chilly. But it was a special moment with Sheldon. I have illustrated it for you here. I have been inspired by the wetness all over. I didn't used to like winter, but somehow the drab colors and grimy look are really inspiring to me artificially. Maybe it is because the whole world feels like a smudgy watercolor landscape.



  1. When I first saw your post I read the title as "Winter Panic". I'm glad you had a picnic instead of a panic.

  2. I LOVE YOUR WATER COLOR drawings!!!! Also, I had no idea about conchas before Mexico, you will have to show me the best place to buy them in Illinois!!!