Monday, November 2, 2015

When You Need a Change

Sometimes I get restless and need a change. That could be a change like taking a different route to class or wearing a colour of nail-polish which is outside my usual colour preferences (for instance I am typing this with metallic, purple-tipped fingers). Recently I have needed to change where I sleep. I have been sleeping on the college-issued sofa in my college apartment. "Lucy Rose, wouldn't you be more comfortable on your college-issued bunk bed?" Yes. But I need a change. 

I have been kinda vague about some of the things that have been hard for me in the past few weeks, but I think I have shared that I have beens struggling. The main thing is work. I have one more week at my job, but each day feels like an eternity.

I wake up in the morning and the first thing in my mind, "I have to go to work today. Bleeeerg." Isn't that horrible? Especially since there are so many good things in my life. I wish this work did not overshadow everything else in my life, but it does.

That is why I have taken to sleeping on the couch. It helps me to wake up in the morning if I am in a different spot. The lighting in the living room is different. I face the sun immediately upon opening my eyes. I go to sleep with the sound of the trains through the open window. Waking up there feels somehow different from waking up in the room I share with Leya.

The change helps me to deal with mornings a little better. I have other "antidotes" to mornings. I have written about some of them before like coffee or prunes. These are things that help me feel happy about being awake and starting a day, even if that day is leading up to something that I am dreading.


  1. I love these illustrations so much. I am always honored to see a glimpse at your life through your honest writing and pictures. You have a way of saying so much just through one little illustration! It's wonderful.